The Rock


Have you ever jumped off a rock into water?   Doesn’t matter if it’s 10 feet above the water, or 2 feet above the water.  Want to connect with your “inner nature”, or feel “old-timey”?  Then go on a hike on the amazing greenbelt trails of Austin, Texas…find a rock in the middle of one of the flowing creeks…and jump in.  It refreshes.  It renews.  There’s something very “Huck Finn-ish” about this action.  There is something that brings us back to “the way it’s supposed to be” when we do something as silly and simple as swim in a creek.  Don’t wear a swim suit…wear your clothes!  And don’t wear water shoes…wear your hiking shoes.  (Mind you, try it when it’s warmer outside!)  When you’re done…let the air dry you as you hike onwards.  This is my favorite rock on the Barton Creek greenbelt in Austin.  I have jumped off it at many ages and stages of my life.  All my five children have jumped from this rock.   It has been there for as long as I can remember.  Makes me think of other “rocks” in my life.  My father.  My grandfather.  My sister.  My mom.  My Lord.  What are your rocks in life?  It’s fun to think about them and give thanks with words, thoughts and for me, photographs.  May you find many rocks in your lifetime.

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