“Her haunting eyes, and her tiny frail hand….”  Eyes.  I LOVE eyes.  Eyes tell so much.  You can see beauty.  You can see emotion.  You can see health and sickness.  You can see color and texture and intricate design.  Eyes can focus on or look past.  Eyes can see or be blind.  Eyes that can’t see cause you to hear deeply.  And…if you look closely, you can see a reflection of yourself…..a reflection of the soul.  Many of my photographs of people will have the eyes as the focus for these reasons.  I’ve always wanted hazel-green eyes with specks of brown floating…I have brown eyes with specks of amber.  We teach our children to look in the eyes of the person they are talking too.  I like this.  I want my children not to miss the beauty of eyes.  I’ll never forget when I was walking with my friend Muhammed on a little path in the mountains of Switzerland.  Muhammed commented that I always looked down when I walked…and that I was missing so much beauty by keeping my gaze downward.  He was so right.  There was enormous amounts of beauty I was missing…including my dear friend’s beautifully wise, dark eyes.  Thank you, Muhammed, wherever you are….  Keep your gaze upward…enjoy beauty…and observe with me the beauty and uniqueness of eyes everywhere….