Album to be released spring 2015!

I am in the beginning stages of production of an album.  My first album to be exact.  I am thrilled, excited and totally scared to begin this foreign language study process.  As I juggle  our family of seven, the day in and day out life that comes with that…and add a new project…keep me in your thoughts as I press on ahead.

“What are thinking ?”, you ask?  “Don’t you have enough on your plate already?” you ask.


Good questions.  Very good questions.  Hmmmm.

I guess my first thoughts are:  This doesn’t make any sense and it makes absolutely perfect sense.

My plate is full with a busy life of kiddos, schools, activities, meals, house work…and yet…I can’t help myself.  I want to give back.  I’ll stop my vacuuming to sit for an hour and write about a bird.  Or…I’ll remember my Grandma’s kind hands…and I’ll just have to write a song about her.  I’ll see a picture of some bark I took on a walk….and a song will come to me.


I guess I could just keep these songs to myself forever…which some might stay that way.  But I want to share them with people, too.  Why?


I follow in the great footsteps of all the great songwriters who have come before me (definitely shrinking in their shadows)…because I love their songs, I want to share those I have written, too.  Not because I am important….but because stories are important.


Stories tell history and history is so important.  It is important because it tells us where we come from. We learn what is good, right and beautiful, from history.  And we can also learn ways to change, from history.


I happen to want to sing history.   I can’t wait to share my songs with you soon!  The path is a privledge….