I did it, I did it, I did it!

Today I launched my kickstarter project…eeeee!   It was one thing to learn how to play guitar, which led me to learning some beautiful music through hymns and other genres.  Then, it was another thing to begin to write about life, and observe with words on a page.  Then, further, it was another thing to hear music and melodies to these words on a page.  Then…prayer.  Lots of loads of prayer.  Some quitting and self-denial which led to a fire to write even more.  Which then led to asking the question, now what?  Now what I asked?  Do I hold these in my brain and heart forever?  It doesn’t feel right.  My songs don’t feel right until I share them with people…not because they are good, but because they are reflections of creation!  These songs are about people and places that are created.  Which led me to calling my dear friend from college, which led to us saying…lets make an album, which led to another dear friend mentioning kickstarter, which led to making a page…sending it for approval (approval?  At age 35??), which led to approval and then me pushing the launch button.  whoa nellie was that scary.  But I did it I did it I did it.  And so the roller coaster continues….with many ups and downs, I’m sure….can’t WAIT to see where this ends…

The link to my kickstarter project…spread the word friends, spread the word!