My pastor said something that struck me and yet explained me.  Just like our faith isn’t complete with the fullest of joy it has to offer until we share that gift with other people to enrich their lives, so the music planted in my soul isn’t fully created until I share that music with others to hear it and be enriched by it. For by hearing my music, I hope people hear my creator somehow. Here are some of the songs that I have been writing for an album and want to share.   In the background you’ll hear doors opening and closing, children playing and a totally precious and oblivious hubby doing dishes and giving instruction which is a testimony to how these songs are created. In the fullness of life, distracted and inspired, these songs are written and recorded in my living room.

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  1. The third stopped me in my tracks. Amazing. You remind me of Patty Griffin. Or maybe Nanci Griffith. Or maybe both. 🙂

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